When I started this website a couple of years ago I said it was my ever evolving and practice site for my Computer Tutor clients. Early SeptemberĀ I started writing a blog called "Love, Light and La;-)ghter" after the salutation I've been using since Robin was 5 months old. Wanting to WRITE - all caps - I realized that one way to start was to put out a blog. It enabled me to get the top layers off my head and heart while linking them to my most favorite resources, putting in my best photos, yatayata. After listening to Tom Kenyon today [dare I say that was September 5, 2015] and still reading "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible" I want to amp it up a bit more! Add More inspiration, connections and this beautiful film entitled Gratitude seemed the perfect place to start.

Giving you my best!

Folks, my websites are both personal and test cases for my clients. And I really do like juggling creativity and the technology, in my own art, with my websites. This site is created with the beautiful theme, Origami. Computer Tutor is created with Twenty Twelve, WordPress' Free and Easy to use theme.

Blessings to you! and Love, Light and La;-)ghter always!